Proven Ways to Get Over $1000 in AWS Credits for Your Startup

Are you a budding entrepreneur eager to kickstart your startup’s journey on the AWS cloud platform? You’re in luck! We’ve laid out a simple yet effective guide to help you secure more than $1000 in AWS credits. Let’s get started!

Way 1: Register Your Company as Private Limited or LLP

Begin by officially registering your company as a Private Limited or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). This step is pivotal for accessing exclusive benefits, including generous AWS credits.

Next, open a dedicated employee bank account with HSBC Bank. This is a crucial prerequisite for the subsequent steps.

Now, reach out to HSBC and inquire about procuring AWS credits for your startup. HSBC offers tailored programs designed to support startups like yours, providing valuable credits to fuel your growth.

Way 2: Leverage Startup India Support and Apply for AWS Activate Program

Head over to the Startup India website to register your profile. After completing your registration, apply for recognition from the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT).

DPIIT certification is a non-negotiable requirement for accessing AWS credits. Be meticulous in providing accurate details in your DPIIT form. In a mere 3–4 days, you’ll receive a certificate and a DPIIT recognition number from Startup India.

Now, tap into the resources offered by Startup India. Drop an email to from your registered email ID, requesting an organization ID.

With your newly acquired organization ID, proceed to register with AWS. Simply visit to get started.

Opt for the Portfolio package and include your organization ID in the application. Provide comprehensive details about your startup, outlining how you plan to leverage the credits and describing the essence of your venture.

In just 10–20 business days, you’ll discover the credited amount in your AWS account. Keep a vigilant eye on your email inbox for a notification confirming the credit.

Unable to Complete the Above Steps? No Worries! Enroll with AWS Activate Founders Program

If the above steps seem daunting or aren’t applicable to your situation, there’s an alternative. Enroll in the AWS Activate Founders Program and secure $1000 in AWS credits for two years! Click here to enroll now

Additional Ways to Secure AWS Credits

  1. AWS Educate for Students: If you’re a student, you can access AWS credits through the AWS Educate program. Learn more here.

  2. Participate in AWS-Sponsored Competitions: Keep an eye out for competitions and hackathons sponsored by AWS. Winning or participating often comes with AWS credits as a prize.

  3. Explore AWS Promotions: AWS occasionally runs promotions offering free credits. Stay updated with AWS announcements for such opportunities.

  4. Join an AWS Activate Portfolio: If your startup is part of an incubator, accelerator, or seed/VC fund associated with AWS Activate Portfolio, you may be eligible for additional credits.

Key Takeaways

Securing AWS credits for your startup is a concrete and achievable goal. By diligently following these steps, you’ll gain access to invaluable resources and support from both HSBC and Startup India. Remember, official registration of your company and obtaining DPIIT certification are pivotal milestones in this process.

Additionally, don’t miss out on exploring other opportunities, like AWS Activate Program, and stay vigilant for any special promotions or offers from AWS.

By strategically utilizing these resources, you’ll be well on your way to propelling your startup’s growth on the AWS cloud platform!

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